Nubian Health


Nubian Health is a consultancy company specialising in promoting optimum health amongst Black African,  Afro Caribbean, South Asian population and other ethnic minorities. Good health is one of the most valuable treasures to have and consuming good nutrition promotes healthy living.
Nubian Health focuses on educating and training academic institutions, commercial weight management and health organisations to ensure there is a better understanding of the culture, religion, diet and nutritional health of Black African, Afro Caribbean, South Asians and other ethnic minorities.
Nubian Health also aims to educate and empower individuals from different ethnic backgrounds so they have a better understanding of their health and to equip them with the right tools to help them make healthier lifestyle choices which are specific to their needs and will enable them to lead productive lives.
Healthy living is about taking responsibility and making smart choices now and for the future. Obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes are currently major health problems and are very common in some ethnic minorities such as Black African, Afro Caribbean and the South Asian population. The eating habits and cooking methods of these communities are often misunderstood and this is mainly due to lack of understanding about their culture religion and cooking method. Nutritional recommendations are often generalised and not specific to health goals of people from ethnic minorities. The one size fits all approach to improving health is ineffective and often results in groups from these communities abandoning their cultural and traditional foods, which can often be adapted to ensure its healthier and in line with current government health and nutritional recommendations.